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We believe that our families want honest and comprehensive answers regarding their funeral arrangements. As a family owned business, we have your best interests at heart. Our funeral home Web site provides you with vital information to help relieve some of the burdens of this difficult time.

At Michael R. Gray Funeral Home, we pride ourselves on providing quality products and dignified service at an affordable cost. We understand that the emotional and financial burdens can be overwhelming, and our goal is to alleviate as much stress as possible during this time. At Michael R. Gray Funeral Home, we believe that economical service and quality care are essential and available for all families who place their trust in us.

As funeral directors we have always worked hard to provide the latest in services and amenities.

In every respect, Michael R. Gray Funeral Home maintains a tradition of personal attention to our families' needs and individual desires.

Our funeral home is owned and operated by Mike Gray and his family and is a place where our high standard of care, respect and dignity for the deceased and families we serve has set us apart from others.

Please feel free to subscribe, to be notified by email when an obituary is posted to our site. There is no charge and your email address is kept private. We hope you find this website helpful and come back to visit often.

- Mike Gray Owner

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